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Artist: Lordi
Autor: Lordi, Kita
Titel: Studs 'n' Leather
Album: Babez for Breakfast
Jahr: 2010


No matter what you do you won't sneak under my radar
No matter where you hide I will smell your scent of fear
No matter who you trust I will find my way to

You will never get away from me
You never will be breaking free
You bleed and plead for mercy
But You got the debt
I gotta collect

Studs and leather
The Devil's wardrobe
Bound together
Sown in hell

Studs and leather
Devil's wardrobe
Do you hear what you say
Do you think that you're sane

No matter what you show your exhibits are excluded
No matter what you do your defence is overruled
I know about yourself how to help better than