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Artist: Lordi
Autor: Lordi
Titel: Monstermotorhellmachine
Album: Bend Over And Pray The Lord (Scarchives Vol.1)
Jahr: 1997/2012

Don't i know you?

I know what U do

Yes, there U R once again spying on

My every move

My skin is thick

It makes U sick

U're like a fungus, U crack down on me

off the reel


U try to wreck my engine

As I try to keep it shining clean

U scratch my chrome, U rust my steel

But still i am the one at the wheel


I'm the man in the house I am

The Monstermotorhellmachine

I am the monster and the man


I don't have to prove

My faith to U

Wat i may say I may do still it won't

Make me your fool

So is this the world

U've been dreaming of?

Is this the way U would like me to play?

Is this your game?


I am wide awake and I'm blasting along

U won't believe your neck could beak

The lord is here to prove U wrong


I'm the man in the house I am

the Monstermotorhellmachine