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Artist: Lordi
Autor: Lordi
Titel: The Dead Are The Family
Album: Bend Over And Pray The Lord (Scarchives Vol.1)
Jahr: 1997/2012

It's getting too kinky i cannot breathe

Fingernails are burning in this helluva heat

The brain can't realize what eyes keep telling

Palms are wet - the tongue is swelling

Paint the picture, we'll burn it down

Sow your eyes - make no sound,

Now the family 's growing the daughters and the sons

Mixing in the breed now we all become 1


Nice flock of bodies floating by with open eyes

wanna rumble wanna trancedance with the devil?

You really wanna take that dive?

You wanna howl at the moon by the rivershore

You want the factor to turn the tide

You wanna drown yourself in the stream of gore

So get steady are you ready to die?


You wanna push me around - you know the dead are the family

You wanna fuck me around - you know it ain't no more fantasy

You call out the dark and nothing is what it seems to be

You fuck me around you know the dead are my family


You want no pride you want no revive

You wanna go down to get skinned alive

You wanna reign over the land of the dark

You wanna plasphemize and become a god

Such wrath - such hate - will make insane

Guess who heard it all? You will have your war


You wanna push me around...