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Artist: Lordi
Autor: Lordi, Kita
Titel: The Deadite Girls Gone Wild
Album: The Arockalypse
Jahr: 2006
She lures you in with intention
Looks like the girl next door
But it's blood and sticky floors
that really turn her on
She's got a body to die for
You touch it and you will
She's got a face of an angel
and an urge to kill
She's sanctified by death
Hey! Stay away from the lady night
Hey! Don't you mess with the devil's bride
You gotta pull out!
Can't you feel the darkness falling?
Get the hell out!
Can't you hear the heaven's roaring?
The Deadite girls gone wild
Have casket will travel
She's the best of the worst
She'll chew on your neckbone
to quench her thirst
The black widow entraps you
Oh boy, you're in for a treat
She's the queen of the beasts
she's a demon in heat
No, don't thank heaven for little girls, no
When their eyes turn white as pearls
You wanna put it inside
You're gonna lose it, she bites
Then she'll suck you dry