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Artist: Lordi
Autor: Lordi
Titel: The Kids Who Wanna Play With The Dead
Album: The Arockalypse
Jahr: 2006
Was it already there in the woumb?
Were we pulled out way too soon?
Were we quiet too long? Were we too small?
Or were we dropped on the floor?
Could it be something we ate? Did they let us stay up too late? Were there not enough rules? Did we get too much love? Was it something they taught us in school?
'Cause inside something bad's awakened The evil opens it's eyes The temper's rising and the house is shaking To get out is no longer an option These are the deeds of the beast
We're the kids who wanna play with the dead (Woah-woah!) We must have lost our minds 'cause we might lose our heads We're the kids who wanna play with the dead (Woah-woah!) See us, pretty brides, and the evil we wed Oh Lord, we play with the dead
Was it something we saw on TV? The films that were gross and obscene? Is it the clothes and the black-dyed hair, Or were we just not aware
The must have been some dangerous toys And the music sings of murderous ploys It's not like we did not have a choice Backward masking gives the devil a voice
Now we wanna play with the dead We lose our heads Oh Lord, now we play with the dead