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Artist: Lordi
Autor: Mr. Lordi, Amen, Tracy Lipp
Titel: I Luv Ugly
Album: To Beast Or Not To Beast
Jahr: 2013


Those little furry things

with cute little tails

That little girls love to pet

They are the food for the things

all covered in scales

I'll take all i can get


Now listen kiddies

I salute the freaks

it's only pretty

when it's nasty


I luv ugly

No such thing

is too extreme

I luv ugly

No over the top

All hail the freaks

I luv ugly

I luv ugly


Hell yeah you know this face

you've seen me before

But you don't know who i am

I've never heard of you

but you want war

You'll get my ten pound boot

up your ass




Ugly, i luv ugly

Luv ugly i luv