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Artist: Lordi
Autor: Mr. Lordi, Ox, Amen, P.K. Hell, Tracy Lipp
Titel: Happy New Fear
Album: To Beast Or Not To Beast
Jahr: 2013


As a kid in kindergarten they made you cry

Told you mommy won't come back

And you believed the lie

Classmates in second grade all abandoned you

They laughed as you got your ass kicked

Right after school


Of all the loser freaks

You were the most undateable

The grades you got in school

Were laughable

You're afraid of getting clawed

When you pet your cat

Your dog wants a treat

You think it wants to attack


Another year has gone

And everything's worse now

The way your fears come true

Is like a smackdown

And we got more where that came from


(Now have a / Wishing)

Happy happy new fear

Happy new fear

And the more you feed

The fear the more it consumes

Happy happy new fear

And the fear is killing you


You tell yourself that

Everything's gonna be all right

We'll take it up a notch and

-boom! - your family dies

And when you see my face

You believe in the supernatural

You'll learn that demons

Are not fairytales, they're factual