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Artist: Lordi
Autor: Lordi, Kita
Titel: Pet The Destroyer
Album: The Monsterican Dream
Jahr: 2004

Its breath intoxicating

its ego suffocating

it's here in my house -

tryin' to get out


its moves exhilarating

tempers infuriating

it's no sage -

rampage in a cage


but you'll be safe

you can feed it - you wanna play?

its almost tamed


Pet the destroyer

My beast Le royal

Pet my destroyer

sweet killing machine

Oh won't you please meet the beast?


Its stare infatuating

I'm not exaggerating

it breaks off the leash

creature released


its jaws intimidating

rage indiscriminating

it looks kinda mad -

(well this) looks kinda bad


this isn't safe, NO!

I can feel it

this isn't play

it can't be tamed


Pet the destroyer

my beast le royal

pet my destroyer

sweet killing machine

oh won't you please meet the beast?

oh won't you please feed my beast?