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Starchat mit Lordi auf uboot.com (19.12.2008)


(Systemnachrichten und nicht themenbezogene Konversation entfernt)


15:56 lordi betritt den raum


M31nCtutW » lordi


xbinaa » benehmen jungs und mädels

*rondstoa21* haloo

M31nCtutW » what´s the mater lordi????

LoeLzi schreit: lordi ?

rosaxschleifchen » hallo

cryptgirlie » hi at all

xXxGhEttOxStYleRxXx » lordii lordii lordii

† Mr94 † hello hello ;)

Nightwishfan @GeileSau schreit: für die die kein englisch können es wird kein Deutsch mehr geredet wenn lordi da ist

 [ SUZiiTA ] allright

rosaxschleifchen » ???????????????????????

[ SUZiiTA ] :d

*metalmonster15 @16* jajajajjajaja

xmanesx10 » hahhaha

xsami @fuzzi » loool



Lordi » hello everyone. it's kita n' awa from lordi here.


† xxRammsteinxx @XP-Freak † hi

xbinaa » hi

xhardcore » lol hi

xmanesx10 » meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetaaal


xbilLabonq @endle11 schreit: helLo wink

vanniie - heei '

 [ SUZiiTA ] hello lordi

honeyo1 » ´hello

tsegbar schreit: welcome on board LORDI !!

† oranjefan56 † hello

xxxLORDIxxx1 » hi

Pestdoktor » hello kita and awa! how are you

Anthalerero » hey, nice to hear from you again!

Coolia @LORDI schreit: #ehhlo!

Kiwiano schreit: hello

xXxRoMaNxXx3 » hellou

*metalmonster15 @16* hey hey

Puerco » hiiii

Coolia @LORDI schreit: hello!

Koxinoxi @GBH jodelt: yeeeeaH!

*metalmonster15 @16* how are you lordy?

-xmarek6x- hello

PikovajaDama » hey, kita, hey awa! nice to see you!


nachricht von tsegbar an alle: Lordi JETZT im starchat im raum "lordi" ...


*rondstoa21* hello how are you?

xXxGhEttOxStYleRxXx » hey lordii

xbilLabonq @endle11 schreit: were are you from Lordi ?

*metalmonster15 @16* when you are going zo come to austria?

xhardcore » lordi is your internet down?^^

Kiwiano » where are vrom lordi

Anthalerero » hey awa, was it your idea to use this "darker" keyboard sound on the new album?


Lordi » we are fine. are you waiting santa clause or lordi to visit you on x-mas?


tsegbar schreit: i´d prefer lordi freakmetal

xXxRoMaNxXx3 » both

xbilLabonq @endle11 schreit: Lordi x-mas

*rondstoa21* the 2. one

 [ SUZiiTA ] damn it is full right here..

† Mr94 † what a question! xd

GHL » yes

honeyo1 » hello lordi how are you

-xmarek6x- lordy ilove you

xXxGhEttOxStYleRxXx » marry chrismas

general12 schreit: lordi lordi

PikovajaDama » i am to old to believe in santa, so i' prefer you to come ;)

†Koxinoxi @GBH† both


*rondstoa21* where are you on tour now?

† Mr94 † i get get heavy and monsterican dream on x-mas :d

honeyo1 schreit: hello lordi how are you

Pestdoktor » oh just come to us at x-mas we can wait for presents togehter!

Kiwiano schreit: Lordi is very good

Anthalerero » some of us already visit lordi and santa clause ;-)

tsegbar schreit: a question i heard soo many times : aren´t the masks realy HOT ?

cryptgirlie » hi monsters how are you

xbinaa schreit: one question. who makes the masks that you wear?

 [ SUZiiTA ] have u a present for us ..for christmas ? @lordi *smile*

*metalmonster15 @16* when i saw you on tv on eurovision songcontext i vote for you ;)

† Mr94 † @xbianaa : all selfmade, that must know every fann xddd

*metalmonster15 @16* ´hard rock haleluja hextry

ACDCfreak schreit: LORDI

-xmarek6x- wo isch lordy

Kiwiano » ordi oloe lordi ole lordi ole

ACDCfreak schreit: LORDI TOT :*[

VarjoPimeys » lordi, could you tell me more about the next tour? do you come to leipzig?

derNationale » i'm sitting on chair waiting some words from lordi ^^

XxCoDeReDxX @SauGeil » lordi läst sich aber zeit beim antworten skeptisch

honeyo1 schreit: lordi?

-xmarek6x- lordi how are you


Lordi » by the way. please speak english. we can't understand german


ReyMisterio1 » ok


derNationale » im speaking english oo

*metalmonster15 @16* okey lordi please write a little bit faster

cryptgirlie » when did you guys come to cologne

xbinaa schreit: one question. who makes the masks that you wear?

xbilLabonq @endle11 schreit: hey Lordi were are you from ?

*rondstoa21* when do you visite austria?


Lordi » we are coming to austria on march


ReyMisterio1 » yesssss

*metalmonster15 @16* really ?? and where exactly?

xxSmartiesxx1 » yeah :....................

Anthalerero » on 12th, jepp - already got my tickets for the show..

† Mr94 † haha i allready got the oberhausen tickets :'d

*rondstoa21* to viena?

Koxinoxi @GBH schreit: where exactly?

punkxxprincess » cool!!!

jasmin1601 » why do you write not more?

-xmarek6x- where

Koxinoxi @GBH schreit: in which city?

ReyMisterio1 » where in austriaa ?????

darkages » where

[ SUZiiTA ] don't scream

honeyo1 schreit: yeah where ?

[ SUZiiTA ] bruell

Anthalerero » vienna, gasometer

xmengirlys » you do also com to sweden i january

bash3r » whitch guitars are you playing?? ibanez??jackson??

xbinaa » ibanez <3 i love it

derNationale » lordi? do you know "boehse onkelz"?

*rondstoa21* what city do you visite?


Lordi » one big theme for the album was horror so i wanted the keys be more darker too


xbinaa schreit: one question. who makes the masks that you wear?

cryptgirlie » your guys are amazing i cant wait to see you

ReyMisterio1 » yes !

ReyMisterio1 » but where in austria ?????

xbilLabonq @endle11 schreit: ?? Lordi you´re cooL . <3

PikovajaDama » i can't wait to see you in herford and oberhausen in january. watch out for the "kita's *****" t-shirt to find me ;)

*rondstoa21* what city do you visite in austria?


Lordi » gibson guitars n' ibanez basses


freibergisch @marCüs » gibson les paul? *-*

bash3r » ok thank you

*metalmonster15 @16* yes their are amazing but i wanted to know where they are going to come to austria. ---- my english is really bad i know xdd

xbinaa schreit: i also have a ibanez bass xD


Lordi » in vienna


xbinaa schreit: one question. who makes the masks that you wear?

*metalmonster15 @16* bina sie machen sie selber he

xmengirlys » who of the members is on the chat? oder is you all in here?


Lordi » you mean kita's bitch??


PikovajaDama » yeah ;)

leckermaedchen » metal only english

ReyMisterio1 » lordi are the best fuck the rest

PikovajaDama » it was not my fault it was censored ;)

M31nCtutW » lordi go away

xbilLabonq @endle11 schreit: Lordi how oLd are you alL so ?

honeyo1 schreit: lordi !!!!!!!! :)

*rondstoa21* o i am coming from salzburg!


Lordi » mr lordi makes all the masks


xbilLabonq @endle11 schreit: ou ok

kLeiinerFreak @.Whaiii. » hello =)

ReyMisterio1 » coooollll

Pestdoktor » awa is there a special message behind the song "the rebirth of the countess"? is it your "history"?

xbinaa schreit: aso. thx for answer my question

ReyMisterio1 » the masks are very very coooll

xmengirlys » who of the members is on the chat? oder is you all in here?

Koxinoxi @GBH schreit: i like ox´s mask most

xbilLabonq @endle11 schreit: yes @ Lordi thanks for the answer

bash3r » how is the live as a rockstar?? everybody knows you, how's this feeling??

tsegbar schreit: how is the band going to spend xmas ?

Coolia @LORDI schreit: lordii WHAT ARE YOU DOING??????

xXxGhEttOxStYleRxXx » oh dear

honeyo1 schreit: lordi how old are you?

> SUZiiTA : hey lordi. have you a present for us .. for christmas ? *smile*

*rondstoa21* how many treads do you have in austria?


Lordi » the rebirth.. is an absolut fact from my past


Anthalerero » @ rondstoa they'll play one gig in vienna

xxsupergirl1xx1 : hello

Pestdoktor » can you tell us more?

xbilLabonq @endle11 » ii go

cryptgirlie » yeah i want a lordi x mas present too maybe kita or amen

xxxhoixxx » how are you


Lordi » it's kita and awa here. the rest of the guys are helping santa.


xhardcore » lol

xbinaa » lol

† Mr94 † lol

† xxRammsteinxx @XP-Freak † great fg

[ SUZiiTA ] i will a present :(

freibergisch @marCüs » i will a present?! xddd

tsegbar schreit: how about xmas ? what are your plans ?

PikovajaDama » adore you, kita! verliebt

freibergisch @marCüs » you want to get a present ^^

honeyo1 schreit: lordi how old are you?

† Mr94 † well... if amen would fight versus ox, who would win? xd

xxxhoixxx » how are you

freibergisch @marCüs » will = werden

ReyMisterio1 » who from the band lordi write this all ????

Anthalerero schreit: kita, awa - do you know if the new bestof "zombilation" will also be released in other countries beside germany?

cryptgirlie » there helping santa thats what i wont to see right know lordi in red

esa81 » hello!!

*rondstoa21* what will i get on x-mas?


Lordi » xmas, eating. seeing family and friends, maybe partying too


xxxhoixxx » lordi im a fan of you

honeyo1 schreit: i go bye bye lordi

† Mr94 † well... if amen would fight versus ox, who would win? xd

xXxsoiwochaxXx » wea glab den schizz das des echt lordi san????

punkxxprincess » hey


Lordi » zombilation will be out only in germany.


† Mr94 † hurra!

tomdogcc @wixxen schreit: hello

Anthalerero » ah.. okej, thanks :-)

punkxxprincess » hello

† Mr94 † germany - for the fucking win!!!!

*rondstoa21* where do you coming from?

xbinaa » lalalala

tsegbar schreit: why that ? you MUST be big in finnland, no ?

tomdogcc @AFTER schreit: lordi you are an motherfucker!


Lordi » we are coming from finland


[ SUZiiTA ] it's 2 much for me here..

[ SUZiiTA ] bye

*metalmonster15 @16* i also were in finland to visit my grandmother

xbinaa schreit: have you all a girlfriend?

xxxhoixxx » finlannd is the best


Lordi » yes we are motherfuckers. thank you


Kiwiano schreit: what

PoppKorn » :d

punkxxprincess » lol

punkxxprincess » xd

*metalmonster15 @16* and their are proud of bee'ing motherfuckers

punkxxprincess » complicidat

PikovajaDama » adore you, kita!


Lordi » we have girl/boyfriend in every country


freibergisch @marCüs » who is kita

freibergisch @marCüs » oo

bash3r » loool

xbinaa schreit: WTF?

punkxxprincess » ______________aha__________

*rondstoa21* my sister don't belive that you are lordi

Pestdoktor » kita can you tell me what "to my fan" is translatet to suomi?

cryptgirlie » lordi is the best kich ass band of the hole planet

xmanesx10 » als ob des die echten von lordi sin

Alipapa » i don´t like lordi

xmanesx10 » hahahah

xxxhoixxx » were did you live


Lordi » to my fan = fanilleni


tsegbar schreit: LORDI - what are your plans for xmas ?

*rondstoa21* my sister don't belive that you are lordi!!

Pestdoktor » thanks

Kiwiano » hei lordi is here

SchmoLL15 » yes lordi is very cool..


Lordi » tell your sister that we are


Anthalerero schreit: after you played the whole album in helsinki in october, which (or how much) songs from the new album will we hear on your upcoming tour?

freibergisch @marCüs » short answers^^


Lordi » lordi is everywhere


Alipapa » lordi don`t really write with us


Lordi » maybe 6 new songs


SpideRxGirL94 @BuRtoN schreit: is it not too hot in the masks

xXxdowIIxXx75 » can you come to me

Anthalerero » aah, great to hear :-)

*soccer10* hello lordi

Aerochris @alfa » lordi how old are you

Kiwiano » lordi is the best band on the world


Lordi » in english (or finnish) please


freibergisch @marCüs » < also makes music (dark wave)

Pestdoktor » will it a nearly equal lineup as at popkomm in berlin?

xXxdowIIxXx75 » can you come to me?

zzzeliaszzz7 » lol

freibergisch @marCüs » xd

xXxdowIIxXx75 » please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jasmin1601 » i love lorde for ever.


Lordi » it's gonna be better than in popkomm


bash3r » what are you doing before a show?? drinking, jogging, playing football lol??

Anthalerero schreit: and what about the new stage design.. can you reveal a bit about it? what new effects did you add?


*kluserbuab667* oh lordi band

Mo0nLighTx schreit: are you real lordi..? i can`t believe that

*kluserbuab667* cool

Achmed1996 » kiwi don´t be so bad


Lordi » we're drinking but mr. lordi is jogging before the show


 [tsegbar] english only !!

Kiwiano » i don´t understand

bash3r » llllooooollll

freibergisch @marCüs » did you think about going on tour with great german bands?

*soccer10* are you really lordi?

*rondstoa21* what are you drinking?

cryptgirlie » hey kita do you know some words in german(or the rest of you guys)

xXHotBoyXx5 schreit: hey lordi...i´m a ***** can you help me

leckermaedchen » beeer !!

leckermaedchen » hihi

XxCoDeReDxX @SauGeil » beer!!!!


Lordi » there's gonna be a new stagedesign. something hospital themes...


Pestdoktor » oh thats what i like to see on tour in germany: mr lordi jogging in costume through the town! rofl3

Kiwiano » lordi

Pestdoktor » why hospital?

Anthalerero schreit:  is it based on your movie "dark floors"?

vanhouten » kuinka paljon kaloja suomessa? esim. jos haluan ostaa kuusi kiloa punasimppua, kuinka paljon minun on maksettava?

Kiwiano » proseco

xXHotBoyXx5 schreit: is it right that you are gay lordi?

[tsegbar] nice ... was that finnish ?

xXHotBoyXx5 schreit: a friend tell me


Lordi » kita: ich liebe dich


freibergisch @marCüs » lordi??? do you have some favourite german music groups?

cryptgirlie » yeah thats it rofl3

xmengirlys » do you have kids?


Lordi » punasimppu erittäin harvinainen. 600€


PikovajaDama » kita, if ill ever get the chance to meet xou, will you let me hug you?

Kiwiano » i don´t understand

vanhouten » harhar ;)

freibergisch @marCüs » great... i didnt unterstand you but ... great ^^

Maik271 » off


Lordi » kita loves scorpions



Timbersports » who are lordi???

*rondstoa21* lordi what do you drink before a gig?


Lordi » you can hug me


gummiball » ok

freibergisch @marCüs » scorpions! wow

tsegbar schreit: lordi what are your plans for xmas ?

> Pestdoktor Hugs Kita and Awa

*rondstoa21* lordi what do you drink before a gig?

cryptgirlie » hey i want to hug kita too

† oranjefan56 † wy should i hug you? i never hug santa!!!

VarjoPimeys » lordi, do you speak other languages except finnisch and englisch?

PikovajaDama » @kita: i m really looking forward to...;)


Lordi » awa drinks champagne, kita drinks beer


Achmed1996 » prost

freibergisch @marCüs » < loves beer

jasmin1601 » how is kita?


Lordi » i'm drinking beer right now. Kita


Anthalerero schreit: will there be any meet and greets on your upcoming tour?

Anthalerero » cheers kita ;-)

tsegbar schreit: cheers !

*rondstoa21* and no tequilla?

cryptgirlie » salute

PikovajaDama » beer is awful...

leckermaedchen schreit: cheers :D

freibergisch @marCüs » delirium? ^^

leckermaedchen » beer is great :p


Lordi » there will be some meet n greets


Anthalerero schreit: in germany? ;-)

Pestdoktor » can you tell us where?

*rondstoa21* tequilla is much better than beer!

† oranjefan56 † what sort of beer are you drinking??

PikovajaDama » in herford or oberhausen? ;)

cryptgirlie » awa in this booklet from deadache you wear a hat do wear it also on stage

*kluserbuab667* do you have some good looking girls on stage ???

freibergisch @marCüs » no in freiberg xd

Pestdoktor » lol piko


Lordi » karhu. a finnish beer


Anthalerero » i prefer herford... ;-)

freibergisch @marCüs » freibergisch beer is better! ^^

VarjoPimeys » awa, what you've done before you're gone to lordi (job)?


Lordi » awa: i wear the hat sometimes, i'll promise i'll wear it somewhere in germany.


misSxdivA » lordi you are boring !!

*kluserbuab667* and ausria ?

PikovajaDama » i'd prefer herford, too, anyways...^^

freibergisch @marCüs » kay? freiberger is the better beer!!! many people say it too,... :p

*rondstoa21* whats a kita?

Anthalerero schreit: yeah, please wear the hat in herford (gemany)! ;-)

cryptgirlie » please when i come to see you i went from cologne to stuttgard only to see you guys

leckermaedchen » kita is a bandmember

*kluserbuab667* are youy coming to austria ?


Lordi » i was studying something very mysterious before the band. Awa


FranzXXL » i ate lords you are so gay i hate you more than you think

Timbersports » who are lordi what is her job and how old are he

xxtingeltangelbobxx9 » i have a question when you come to austria ?

tsegbar schreit: lordi will be in vienna in march ...

*rondstoa21* what is your favourite music?

Anthalerero » @tinteltangelbob 12th march, gasometer,vienna

*kluserbuab667* thx !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

† oranjefan56 † what were vou studying???

freibergisch @marCüs » does anybody knows a german band like lordi?

leckermaedchen » i have to visit vienna in march i guess hehe

Lexaderan » how long will you be in this chat?

xKiirSChLe3 » how are you ?

freibergisch @marCüs » live in vienna @nadine? ^^


Lordi » franzxxxl:we love you so much you can't imagine


+ dodo006 + lol

xKiirSChLe3 » how are you ?

*kluserbuab667* hahahahahah lol

freibergisch @marCüs » live in vienna... an album of onkelz ^^

tsegbar schreit: maybe we can get some tickets for a kind of lottery :)

cryptgirlie » hey !!!and who loves me ???


Lordi » we'll be here next 30 minutes


xxtingeltangelbobxx9 » do you any sport or what is your hobby ?


Lordi » we love ya all


freibergisch @marCüs » and now... where we get priceless tickets for the lordi koncert? xd

*rondstoa21* are you on tour right now?

*kluserbuab667* where was the best konzert ?


Lordi » our tour starts 24th of januar y


xstylee10 » lordiiiiiiiii

Pestdoktor » awa and kita! ejoy the rest of the time here, chatting with your fans, but i have to go now. see you at hamburg, bremen and oberhausen next year!

tsegbar schreit: so xmas in finnland ?

freibergisch @marCüs » lordi yes and i want to get ticket for free lol

xmengirlys » why not the next 20 hours?

xxtingeltangelbobxx9 » do you any sport or what is your hobby ?

Kay @QMmann » two day's befor my birthday ^^

Anthalerero schreit: what about your old costumes? will they be shown in lordi's rocktaurant too?


Lordi » see ya pestdoktor


PikovajaDama » what was the idea for "devil hides behind her smile"? your most awesome song so far...

*rondstoa21* do you visite your family on x-mas?

Pestdoktor » merry x-mas and a hellgood new year

xmengirlys » i shall to the koncert the january 24rd!

~ becks07 ~ what do you thougt when you won the song contest..?

xxtingeltangelbobxx9 » do you any sport or what is your hobby ?


Lordi » the old costumes will be in lordis' rocktaurant in rovaniemi finland very soon


VarjoPimeys » awa, you're my great idol. how did you make it to play keyboard so good. i'm 14 years old and try to learn it.


Lordi » kita goes to gym


freibergisch @marCüs » i'm playin guitar and keyboard, and its very difficult... you must learn maaaaaany years^^

xxxredbull14xxx : wahoo

PoppKorn » lol

leckermaedchen » just english bad


Lordi » varjopimeys you just keep rehearsing and you'll be amazing keyboard player


PikovajaDama » what was the idea for "devil hides behind her smile"? your most awesome song so far...

punkxxprincess » hey lordi

xxsimsonsxx11 » jetzt sött ma english könna


nachricht von tsegbar an alle: meet lordi .... now in our starchat !


*kluserbuab667* what are your idols ß

rabe7 » hallo lordi

†romi30† hello lordi

~ becks07 ~ which are your favourite singers??

Anthalerero » great to hear, so i have to visit the rocktaurant again i guess... will the costumes of the monsterican dream-area still bee there, or will they be replaced by the arockalypse-costumes?

freibergisch @marCüs » lordi one very important question... what do you say about downloading your music from the internet (not legal way)

freibergisch @marCüs » thats interesting for me...


Lordi » our idols: kiss, motley, alice, depeche mode

freibergisch @marCüs » hm... no german bands...

* Bunny66111 * hää ist da lordi??

PikovajaDama schreit: what was the idea for "devil hides behind her smile"? your most awesome song so far...


Lordi » well, you have to understand that illegal downloading might kill the ones who are making good music


*kluserbuab667* yes but what you have to pay is a lot


Lordi » awa: devil hides is my favorite too


michiiiii » -.-"

†BurtonStyler09† hi lordi


Lordi » 99 cents per song is not so much


†BurtonStyler09† how are you?^^

freibergisch @marCüs » hm, i dont think so, because, i would be funny, if i know, that many people downloading my music from the internet,...

Aerochris @alfa » what you favorite song lordi

xxxLORDIxxx1 » lordi you are the best band in the world

LisaLi13 » hello lordi ... how are you

*kluserbuab667* but if you load up ´4 songs every day xd

freibergisch @marCüs » yes 99ct isn't much..

cryptgirlie » did you another video to one of your songs next time?sorry for bad english

†BurtonStyler09† lordi my favourite song is: hard rock halleluja


Lordi » what do you want for xmas?


xpaulii » lordi

xmengirlys » why can

Anthalerero schreit: will there be a new music video for your new single "deadache"?

freibergisch @marCüs » an citroen xantia activa please @ lordi

†BurtonStyler09† a cd from you

tsegbar schreit: let there be rock !

*kluserbuab667* who ?

scorpionking2 @ONKELZ » much money

freibergisch @marCüs » or 1000 €

blackwiings @antivip » o_o

freibergisch @marCüs » xd

misSxdivA » money

PikovajaDama schreit: I get the tickets for your Shows for Xmas...:)

LisaLi13 » lordi is the best of the world ..

†BurtonStyler09† i want a lordi cd for xmas

*kluserbuab667* the playstation 3 of course

Anthalerero » what we want for x-mas... lordi of course *g*

leckermaedchen » i wanna see my best friend thats my favorite xmas present lol

unregistered32 » i got a new snowboard


Lordi » we don't know yet will there be a new music video.


xmengirlys » why can people come bagestage after a concert?

~ becks07 ~ lordi isn´t that good...lordy sounds ugly!!

†BurtonStyler09† i love your songs

cryptgirlie » what did you guys wish for xmas ?

Anthalerero » what i pity.... i think deadache has really cool lyrics, and it would fit great for another funny horror-video...


Lordi » kita wants a harem


Anthalerero » lol

scorpionking2 @ONKELZ » lol

freibergisch @marCüs » harem lol

leckermaedchen » lol a harem

leckermaedchen » i want one too

leckermaedchen » lol

xpommesx1 » harem hello

freibergisch @marCüs » xd me too

Anthalerero » yay... beer, a hot babe and her sister.... we know ;-)

Sielu1 » is there any posibility for a show in berlin or maybe rostock next year? it's a pity that there's no date, yet.

VarjoPimeys » awa, do you speak other languages, except english and finnish?


Lordi » awa: i want a harem too


xpaulii » lordi

unregistered32 » hey guys come to hohenems

xSkaterboyx5 » hi

xpaulii » hejj lordi

Kay @QMmann » no varjo...only english or finnish

Pestdoktor » back again for some minutes!

xSkaterboyx5 » hejj lordi

PikovajaDama schreit: I want to be in Kita's harem rofl3

xpommesx1 » your songs a the best of the world

Pestdoktor » my wife wants an amen for x-mas

freibergisch @marCüs » could you say, what an koncert costs for the musician?

cryptgirlie » ohhhh ok why not ?maybe i shoult wish the same


Lordi » you're welcome to come


freibergisch @marCüs » yes lordi i want to have free ticket xd

Pestdoktor » or as she name him: the jumping devil in bondageropes! :-)

cHucKsxgiirLiie @xD » hey lordi ! what's up ?

xpommesx1 » were are you

xpaulii » lordi


Lordi » awa: i speak swedish and little bit french too


PikovajaDama » just tell me where to come...i ll be right there, crawling your neck...^^

freibergisch @marCüs » not russian xd

xpommesx1 » german


Lordi » i can send amen to your wife


leckermaedchen » french is heavy

jasmin1601 » lordi pleas come on my uboot np

leckermaedchen » i mean the language

freibergisch @marCüs » i dont have a wife ;(

freibergisch @marCüs » french is heavy? ^^


Lordi » we are in finland


Kay @QMmann » nadi? the language or other? kicher

xpaulii » lordi

leckermaedchen » the langguage

leckermaedchen » -u

leckermaedchen » lol

xpommesx1 » ah

freibergisch @marCüs » sexism...

PikovajaDama » ok, i ll be right there as soon as i get the money for a flight...;)


Lordi » we are in hellsinki at kitas' place


freibergisch @marCüs » do you know kimi raikkonen or mika hakkinen ^^

Lexaderan » will you maybe make another horror movie? i really liked the last one

cryptgirlie » hey awa is it difficult to be the only girl in the band or is it funny

freibergisch @marCüs » or other finnish guys

PoppKorn » lol

Anthalerero schreit: will you play some festivals in europe in summer?

cHucKsxgiirLiie @xD » i like lordi . :d

boobie3 » whats the name of the movie?

†sandro93† hi guys

PikovajaDama » or i'll catch you up as soon as you are in germany...^^

boobie3 » what s the name of ur movie ???

BurtonStyler09 schreit: @ lordi: i wish you a merry merry christmas and a happy new year

†sandro93† he unregistered .. we're not allowed to speak german in this room


Lordi » dark floors is the name of the movie


unregistered32 » aha okay

boobie3 » cool thx

leckermaedchen » dark floors

* Bunny66111 * i like lordii!! it is soo cool!!

xbinaa » what is the content of the film?

Lexaderan » do you think you make another horror movie?

freibergisch @marCüs » i only know one song of lordi oo


Lordi » no movies for a while...


xpommesx1 » have you got a new song

†sandro93† why not ?

xbinaa » what is the content of the film?

†sandro93† i love horror movie's

xPussyxDeluxe » me2

†sandro93† i'm proud to be a horror punk


Lordi » we've got a new album full of new songs called deadache


xmengirlys » do you have children?

annii94 » wow

cryptgirlie » hey kita i have send you a mail about your other band maybe you could answer this if you have read it that would be very awesome

* Hammelfleisch * do you have children?????

VarjoPimeys » awa, many greetings to you all. love you, bye.

† xtxstyler014xtx † bomm bomm

strangeChild » must be ugly children fg

xbinaa » lool


Lordi » if you can see monsterbabies around, they are ours


annii94 » lordi..

xPussyxDeluxe » lol

[tsegbar] lol

xbinaa » lol

leckermaedchen » lol

Lexaderan » how did the idea to the song hate at first sight come up to you?

* Bunny66111 * o:k how much .the new album?

freibergisch @marCüs » only 10 mins... than lordi will go away

†sandro93† sandro = horror punk - fiend


Lordi » kita n amen did the song together n the mr lordi did the lyrics.


xbinaa » nice

cryptgirlie » its very important to me you would answer my e mail

xbinaa » but. what the film deals with?

Anthalerero schreit: kita, did you come up with the new design of your drumkit by yourself? i love those cymbals hanging down on chains :D

xbinaa » or moviel

* Hammelfleisch * how much people are in your band???

xPussyxDeluxe » whos your daddy is a amazing song .

* Bunny66111 * lordi ,,is "uboot" great???

Pestdoktor » which idea was it to use the "phantom of the opera"-theme at devil behind your smile?

freibergisch @marCüs » lordi: can i get the gibson guitar? i loves playing on gibson guitars

†sandro93† we all <3 uboot


Lordi » yeah, i got the new yamaha drums from japan a couple of months ago. they are kita model drums.


xxxredbull14xxx : <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 lordi

Anthalerero » they look really great! xd wanna have them too!

* Bunny66111 * do you like tomato

freibergisch @marCüs » yamaha wow! i've got a yamaha keyboard,... very good


Lordi » we love tomatos


xbinaa » can i get the ibanez bass ? xd

Lexaderan » do you thin kalma could go on stage with you one more time?

* Bunny66111 * cool

xxxredbull14xxx : tomatos are cool

Goid001 » do you have a concert in austria

PikovajaDama » kita, do you know your name meets "north" in japanese?

freibergisch @marCüs » i love citroen and gibson ^^ and have got a fender guitar

Anthalerero » @goid001 12th march, gasometer, vienna


Lordi » kalma might join sometimes. maybe in farewell tour


* Hammelfleisch * lordi did you know were lauterach is?

scorpionking2 @ONKELZ » lordi what do you think about casting bands/shows?

sabi1234 » hello hello

freibergisch @marCüs » dsds? ^^

* Bunny66111 * äm .. have you a girlfrien??


Lordi » we don't know


Pestdoktor » which idea was it to use the "phantom of the opera"-theme at devil behind your smile?

* Hammelfleisch * ok. and bregenz?

xxxredbull14xxx : lordi is the best f**k of the rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Schmidi10* how old are you

Freestyleboy1 » hallo

freibergisch @marCüs » phantom of the opera ^^ asp covered it, too ^^

* Bunny66111 * yes how old are you??

Goid001 » lordi rock


Lordi » we are 15


sabi1234 » to old...

*Schmidi10* ah thank you

* Bunny66111 * funnny

freibergisch @marCüs » 15? long time ago...

xbinaa » lööl

xpommesx1 » i play drumset

PikovajaDama schreit: kita, do you know your name meets "north" in japanese?


Lordi » yes i know


sabi1234 » lordi are so crazy


Lordi » and awa means a bubble


Sielu1 » is there any possebility for a show in berlin or maybe rostock next year?

Goid001 » i do not believe that that you are only 15

*ooanioO* umguck

xleoGangBoarDer @reGgae » heil

PikovajaDama » cool, didnt know tha one...

Anthalerero » *lol*#

* Hammelfleisch * can you van speak german????

*Schmidi10* looordi is the besttttttt

tsegbar schreit: your names are japan-originated ? how comes ?

freibergisch @marCüs » lordi do you know bands from germany like schandmaul, asp, "blutengel" (blood angel), cephalgy??

* Hammelfleisch * can you van speak german????


Lordi » hey everyone. we want wish you a merry christmas n a happy happy new year. can't wait to see ya guys next year.


SoiFnaa0asCh @20ToG_no schreit: he mother fuckers

Anthalerero » mh, they're not.. for what i know, "kita" is finnish for "jaw" , if i remember right

* Hammelfleisch * can you van speak german????

[tsegbar] ok

Pestdoktor » and greetings to the other 3 guys!

* Hammelfleisch * can you speak german????

*Schmidi10* merry christmas lordi

cryptgirlie » i wnt to say that you my favorite monsters and my favorite band and i cant wait to see you in stuttgart i wish you a beautiful christmas and a good start into the new year i love you guys sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much hug you all

Anthalerero schreit: merry x-mas and a happy new year from your german fanclub!

PikovajaDama schreit: See you guys in January...watch ot for the shirt, Kita! ;)

sabi1234 » hals maul hammelfleisch

* Bunny66111 * do you now "lafee"ßß

* Bunny66111 * ??

scorpionking2 @ONKELZ » lol

*ooanioO* lol

Sielu1 » hyvää joulua to you all! and greetings to the other mambers.

Lexaderan » gotta go now keep on rocking lordi^^

freibergisch @marCüs » hm no answer ^^ they dont know german music bands

tsegbar schreit: thanx for visiting us @uboot.com .... nice to have you here !

Anthalerero schreit: see you on tour... Kalma Jr., Little Enary and Young OX will be there too, like in helsinki!

* Hammelfleisch * can you speak german????

†sandro93† hard rock halleluja .. merry christmas


Lordi » i know die artze


freibergisch @marCüs » i dont like ärtze

*ooanioO* i like

Nightwishfan @GeileSau » i love ärzte

scorpionking2 @ONKELZ » farin urlaub

XxMickIxX » hey lordi,

freibergisch @marCüs » i like böhse onkelz

†sandro93† do you know rob zombie

xJASIx1 » halooooh

freibergisch @marCüs » and many dark groups

XxMickIxX » how old are you??

xpommesx1 » merry christmas and happy new year

* Hammelfleisch * can you speak german????


Lordi » we cannot speak german


*Schmidi10* who is your home

freibergisch @marCüs » xd but we can lol


Lordi » can you speak finnish?


freibergisch @marCüs » no

XxMickIxX » jap.

†sandro93† no

[tsegbar] lol

Kay @QMmann » lol

*ooanioO* yes

* Hammelfleisch * can you speak german????

xJASIx1 » no

*Schmidi10* noo

* Hammelfleisch * no

Pestdoktor » only fanillen! ;-)


Lordi » hyvää joulua ja onnellista uutta vuotta.


XxMickIxX » how old are you...

freibergisch @marCüs » and where is my free ticket for koncert ?! xd

Pestdoktor » please translate for us?

Sielu1 » i study fennistik at the university, so yes.

cryptgirlie » i know only one finnish word kiitos

Anthalerero » that means merry x-mas and a happy new year ;-)

Xzibit9 » lordi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lordi » kiitos = danke


goodxolxcoconut » thank you

freibergisch @marCüs » danke xd wow

goodxolxcoconut » kitos

*Schmidi10* kiitos

cryptgirlie » yeah

Pestdoktor » kiitos awa and kita

† xtxstyler014xtx † lordi speak s german

†sandro93† no

freibergisch @marCüs » hm i dont get free ticket for koncert *angry*

freibergisch @marCüs » xd


Lordi » thanks for chatting with us. have fun. bye bye


PikovajaDama schreit: Kita, youre the sexiest Alien ever...;)

*Schmidi10* bye

†sandro93† by

Anthalerero » bye! see ya on tour!

xJASIx1 » byeeeeeee

freibergisch @marCüs » bye bye

Aerochris @alfa » bye lordi


Lordi » yes. i'm sexy. Kita


†sandro93† love you all

Aerochris @alfa » wink

freibergisch @marCüs » me too

xxxLORDIxxx1 » by lordi

† xxRammsteinxx @XP-Freak † wink

Lexaderan » bye

† xtxstyler014xtx † bb

cryptgirlie » bye ilove you guys take care and best wishes to all of you

tsegbar schreit: bye !! thanks for having u here !!

* Bunny66111 * have you in-line-skates??


Lordi » rock n roll


goodxolxcoconut » o bye bye

*ooanioO* have you cats? meow

PikovajaDama » thanks for sharing our time, kita and awa!


16:58 lordi verlässt den chat!





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